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Wizarding World Hermione Granger Yule Ball

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With Hogwarts Hosting the Triwizard Tournament, it is also the venue for the Yule Ball and Hermione makes a memorable appearance in our Wizarding World Figurine Collection!

Hermione went all-out for her appearance at the Yule Ball in their fourth year! Harry and Ron were both stupefied when she arrived, accompanied by Bulgarian Quidditch star Viktor Krum! The two met in Hogwarts’ library, and left Ron jealously brooding over Durmstrang’s Triwizard Champion for the rest of the evening.

This highly detailed Hermione Granger (Yule Ball) figurine captures the likeness of the actress Emma Watson as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Hermione wears a beautiful full-length ballgown, consisting of delicate pink layers, which become darker in tone from head to toe. A deep crimson bow adorns the front of the dress, completing a look that sees all eyes directed towards her.

Designed in the likeness of the character portrayed by Emma Watson.

The official and definitive collection of characters from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, meticulously rendered as 1:16 scale resin models.