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Hotwire Hardcover Volume 01 Requiem For The Dead

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Created by STEVE PUGH and WARREN ELLIS Based on a story by WARREN ELLIS Writer and Illustrator STEVE PUGH Letterer STEVE PUGH Recommended Age: Teen and up In the near future, the living and the dead share the same space. Known as 'Blue Lights,' the dead are mostly harmless, roaming the streets as mindless drones. But when the Blue Lights start showing up as ghostly weapons of mass destruction, Metro Police has only one person for the job: She's Alice Hotwire, Detective Exorcist. She's the best there is at reining in the Blue Light beat and she's the only one who can save the city from certain destruction. Written and illustrated by Steve Pugh, and based on a story by legendary creator Warren Ellis, this four-issue miniseries is collected for the first time in trade paperback with a never before published first Hotwire story, spotlight gallery of artwork from celebrated artists Steve Pugh, Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade), Jelena Djurdjevic (The Immortal Iron Fist) and Garry Leach (Judge Dredd), an in-depth interview with co-creator Steve Pugh and never-before-seen production and design renderings.