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Batman: The Bat and the Cat: 80 Years of Romance

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DC is celebrating 80 years of the greatest rivalry-turned-romance in comics in Batman: The Bat and the Cat: 80 Years of Romance! Over the past eight decades, Batman and Catwoman have remained at the forefront of popular culture across movies, TV, and books, which is in no small part thanks to the stories collected here. Following Batman and Catwoman's courtship from their earliest days from the 1940s on opposite sides of the law to their modern-day engagement and more, this book features the best tales from Batman and Catwoman's storied history together.

This hardcover edition features Batman and Catwoman's greatest team-ups from their 80-year history together, from some of the best writers and artists in the industry, including Tom King, Joëlle Jones, Darwyn Cooke, Mikel Janín, Tim Sale, Len Wein, Jim Lee, and more! Collects stories from 
Batman #1, #3, #15, #324, #392, #615 (1940 series), Batman #24, #44, #50 (2016 series), The Brave and the Bold #197, Solo #1, and Catwoman #32.