Peter Breau

Spacie Award Finalist Peter Breau tried his hand at writing after winning the Fundy Fan Fest character creation contest in 2017.

The first comic he wrote was a story with art by Monique MacNaughton involving Lord Greystoke. He got the attention of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, and they contacted him about having a few copies for their archive in Tarzana, Ca. Peter and Monique went on to write and draw Starbolt. He started writing titles for Lucky Comics Beetlegirl and Unknown Tales and created the character G.R.E.E.N. GIANT.

He also created characters and biographies for Aspyre comics.

Peter went on the write for Antarctic Press Exciting comics and the very successful sold-out series These Damn Kids (Secondsight Comics), which was the #34 best-selling comic of Feb 2022.

He also co-wrote with his twin John and his son Jaden comics for the # 1 bestselling Mississippi Zombie Anthologies and Harvest of Horror Anthologies for Caliber Comics. Among the many comics Peter has written, he wrote for Indie Wars using Dunn’s Ninja High School characters in a crossover with his character Constantine Lazar.Peter has been a panellist at S.D.C.C and WonderCon.

His comics have been reviewed by numerous new sites and featured on many podcasts. He is currently a writer for Firstcomicsnews.

His upcoming projects include: Deliver us from Evil with artist Mattia Doghini, Reliticus Subtera, AtomX with artist Alessio Nocerino, and Sagittarius Shadow; It’s all about Commerce with artist John Epple and SamHains Gate, Ruthless with artist Benito Tovar Jr.

He was just recently nominated for a Sequential Award Indie comic of the year for 2022.